INT Line started with the goal of being the number 1 for premium car accessories for drivers with high standards and style. Together with our great customers we made it a lot further.

Products of the highest quality, handmade and refined in our manufacture in Germany, as well as our striving for perfection, style & understatement have made us the number 1 for premium car accessories.

We create high-quality products for winners and successful people. For people who are not afraid to show their success. INT Line Premium Car Accessories are artistic design objects of the highest quality for "leaders and winners".

INT Line is not a seller of car accessories. We are the manufacturer for successful people, makers and tomorrow's winners who are not afraid to show their success to the outside world.

High-quality materials and the highest level of german craftsmanship create unique design objects that have never existed before. Together with our customers, which include numerous celebrities, soccer players or well-known influencers, we have created a new standard for today's successful leader. INT Line - Making The Drive Real!