Upgrade your car to something special.

Upgrade your premium car interior.

Upgrade car interior - unique and high quality.

Upgrading the car interior, a must for drivers with passion and love for the vehicle. We show you here which accessories fit in your car. Premium products such as car accessories must fit the driver and his style perfectly. You need to expand the interior of the vehicle in a stylish, minimalist way.

We at INT Line are the German premium manufacturer for high-quality car accessories, and we have made it our mission to refine the highest-quality materials into special products. From the beginning we wanted to help style-conscious drivers make a statement through their car interior. INT Line is the brand for vehicle owners with ambition, for winners and doers who are not afraid to show their successes to the outside world.

Enhance car interior - high-quality accessories

We offer you numerous high-quality car interior accessories with which you can upgrade your car interior, such as our Racing Magnet Holder. The magnetic holder offers flexible application options and is available in two exclusive colors so that it can be harmoniously adapted to any interior. A practical clip system makes positioning the bracket easier.

Also available as a Comfort Magnet Holder, a design object of the highest quality from our manufactory in Germany. Puristic lines combined with an expressive design make this handmade work of art something unique.

The Premium Fragrance Dispenser in the interior makes each vehicle unique, and as a high-quality accessory offers exactly the stylish individualization that customers want for your vehicle. We offer our fans a high-quality design object that refreshes your interior immediately.

The popular Inline Performance smartphone case is available in several exclusive colors. In addition, you get the case in several versions suitable for all common iPhone models. Find the case that perfectly reflects your personal style and turn your phone into a sensational statement of the highest quality.

Beautify car interior - for drivers with high demands.

Whether as a special gift for your husband, customer or a friend. With the premium products from INT Line you give something unique and of high quality. We look forward to helping you.

INT Line - Making the drive real!

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